Hurghada hotels | The best hotels in Hurghada


Hurghada hotels are so diverse that we can say that they include all hotel styles represented by all of Egypt’s hotels, which made the momentum of tourism in Hurghada remain at its peak throughout the year, as tourism in it suits all segments of travelers with the difference in tendencies, whims, housing, and living preferences.

Today, we help you choose the best Hurghada hotel in terms of classification, facilities, and knowledge of Hurghada hotel reservation methods and prices, so, do not let the financial consideration hinder you from choosing your appropriate hotel, this report will guide you.

Hurghada hotels
Hurghada hotels

The best hotels in Hurghada

There are hotels of various levels and services, and to determine your destination within the charming coastal city and choose what suits you, you first want to get acquainted with the simplest hotels

El Gouna Hotels

El Gouna is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Hurghada, as it is located on the shore of the Red Sea, which made it one of the most famous diving sites in the world, which also offers many different water sports.

El Gouna Resort represents the jewel of the Egyptian tourist crown, especially with its recent reception of the largest international festivals and events.

Make your next destination for this upscale resort.

Makadi Hotels – Hurghada

The famous Makadi Bay follows the city of Hurghada and is located 35 km from its south on the way between it and Safaga. It is home to an upscale chain of the best Hurghada hotels and newly established tourist resorts, which made it one of the most important tourism destinations in Egypt.

The best and most popular hotels in this charming bay with its turquoise waters and its advantages, including amazing facilities for activities and water games.

Hurghada Sheraton Street

Sheraton Street is considered one of the three most important streets in the city. It includes many of the most important hotels on both sides, in addition to restaurants, cafes, and bazaars.

Soma Bay Hotel

Surrounded by the sea on almost every side, this unique resort includes the most prominent and famous hotels , Egypt. It is only 45 km from Hurghada Airport, and it has a variety of water facilities and carnival evening shows.

Touristic Walk hotels

The promenade can be considered as an open museum of natural environments, so it appeals to many city-goers, as there are many of the most luxurious and largest hotels in terms of facilities and services, especially the wonderful location .

Al-Ahyaa hotels

Al-Ahyaa district is the newest in the whole city, which is reflected in its inclusion of a number of the latest hotels in Hurghada with high-end hotel service and interesting entertainment excellence.

Dahar hotels

El-Dahar neighborhood is the center of Hurghada, and therefore it is the best area to live in Hurghada and to go on tours along and across the city.

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