Tourism in Hurghada | The most beautiful tourist areas


Tourism in Hurghada is one among the foremost beautiful tourist areas in Egypt. it’s characterized by the range of its tourist attractions, which include monuments, resorts, gardens, markets, and various tourist activities. Therefore, it’s a perfect destination for family and youth holidays and even honeymoon holidays.

Tourism in Hurghada

Hurghada hotels

The city of Hurghada includes many luxury resorts, apartments, and hotels in Egypt, which vary consistent with their luxury, level of service, and even prices. Because the task of selecting the proper hotel for the tourist is somewhat difficult, we’ve collected The best hotels in Hurghada, especially near the important tourist attractions in Hurghada To the experiences of Arab tourists and their evaluations

Tourist attractions in Hurghada

In this topic, we will highlight the most important places of tourism in Hurghada, which made the city an important destination for tourism in Egypt, and we will mention to you the best tourist places in Hurghada:

Sea World Hurghada

The sea world Hurghada is one of the most important tourist places in Hurghada, which topped the list of tourist places in Egypt in terms of the number of visitors.

Sea World Hurghada has been designed to meet all modern requirements to preserve the life of marine animals and to make it an unforgettable place for its visitors.

Hurghada Aquarium

The hurghada grand aquarium is the only Hurghada Aquarium that has been dedicated in the area for a bigger view, because it includes a small zoo.

The Hurghada Aquarium includes 24 exhibits, including the Shark Tunnel, the Rainforest, and Whale Valley, which is based on the fossils of the Western Desert.

Hurghada Sand Museum

The Sand City Hurghada Museum is one of Hurghada’s most famous tourist attractions.

Although the idea of ​​the museum is not new, the Hurghada Museum is the first of its kind in North Africa and the Middle East.

The museum includes 42 statues made by 42 international sculptors, and the Sand Museum is considered one of the best tourist places in Hurghada.

Giftun Island

Giftun island is located near the city of Hurghada and is characterized by its beaches with fine sand, surrounded by diving sites.

This island is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hurghada.

The island includes about 14 diving sites in addition to wonderful natural attractions, including beautiful beaches .

El Gouna | Tourism in Hurghada

El Gouna is located 20 km from the city of Hurghada, and is characterized by its depressions, islands and winding water channels. The architectural character of El Gouna is characterized by being neighborhoods surrounded by greenery.

One of the most famous neighborhoods in El Gouna is the Arab, Islamic, Indian, Mediterranean, and African neighborhoods. El Gouna also has many luxury hotels and resorts.

Sahl Hasheesh | Tourism in Hurghada

Sahl Hashish sahl hashish of the most important tourist sites in Hurghada is located in the south , a distance of 25 km from the city of Hurghada, and contains many resorts and luxury hotels along with recreational facilities such as golf courses and the city of pharaonic underwater is the first of its kind for amateur tourism diving .

scaffold area

Saqala is one of the most important tourist places in Hurghada, Egypt, and it is the heart of the city. This area is rich in tourist resorts, restaurants and markets, and is famous for its beautiful beaches, as it contains special centers for diving.

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