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Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh | Sharm el-Sheikh is the pearl of the Gulf because of its bright waters with coral reefs, its temperate atmosphere, and its dunes that sparkle in the desert. Inevitably.

We cannot overlook the potential of Sharm el-Sheikh to raise the level of economy and tourism in Egypt, as it attracts thousands of internal and external tourists from all over the world, and has obtained high positions in diving under the depths of the Red Sea, in addition to amazing safari trips.

Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh

The best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Due to the tourist demand bumper to the city of Sharm el-sheik in all seasons from inside and outside Egypt were built many hotels even provide quiet accommodation for expatriates, is also characterized by its strategic location near the most famous tourist sites.

Tourist areas in Sharm El Sheikh

Today, we will give you a comprehensive guide on tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh to be your main reference when intending to travel to it, as it is a real treasure around the charming city of Sharm El-Sikh with its tourist attractions and high-end hotels.

Entertainment places in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh is famous for providing a lot of happy entertainment places that give visitors a cheerful mood when visiting them. Also, cruises and safari trips have a special character, as they are one of the most important entertainment programs in the tourist city of Sharm El-Sheikh.

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is called the jewel of Sinai, which shines on the throne of all Egyptian cities. It is a coastal city overlooking the Red Sea, which has shining beaches with its turquoise waters and healing sands. Sharm El-Sheikh offers recreational tourism within a wide range of beaches, most notably Al-Fanar Beach and Dahab Beach.

Sharm El Sheikh malls

Sharm El-Sheikh is full of shopping tourism in huge malls that have been built on the latest international designs, on which tourists rely heavily to buy what they wish for from famous brands, the most important of which is the wonderful Genena City Mall.

Sharm El Sheikh landmarks

The city of Sharm El-Sheikh contains a large number of attractions that attract many tourists, and this leads to a significant increase in the level of tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh. You can visit the city of Hollywood Sharm El-Sheikh, attend the exhilarating dolphin shows, and others.

Sharm El Sheikh in winter

The field of tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh opens its doors to lovers of the warm winter climate, as Sharm El-Sheikh is famous for its warm weather in the winter, as it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations for lovers of diving among marine creatures, with the possibility of visiting many religious monuments.

Tourist areas in Sharm El Sheikh

If you need to spend a special holiday full of passion and exciting trips, then you should visit Sharm El Sheikh, the leading city in the world of entertainment, as it is a jewel that embraces many tourist areas that give its visitors the best levels of luxury.

Sharm El-Sheikh Protected Areas

The city of Sharm El-Sheikh provides many areas for all lovers of calm nature and psychological relaxation in the beautiful nature reserves, with the possibility of seeing much amazing wildlife and marine creatures.

Sharm El Sheikh Restaurants

Sharm El-Sheikh has a luxurious bouquet of restaurants with a charming view of the shores of the Red Sea, offering the richest types of cuisine from all over the world, but the best of them are seafood, which has an irresistible taste.

Shopping in Sharm El Sheikh

One of the most important elements of tourism in Sharm El Sheikh is the presence of many markets that provide its visitors with the highest level of services, in addition to many delightful recreational activities, and one of the most important of these markets is the old market.

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